The Somali Political Doctrine of never re-electing a president to 2nd term is proved right again, indicating why it was an accident to return Hassan Sheikh Mohamud (HSM) to the seat of power. He had already failed in his first term in office as he was coming from the cold in 2012 presidential election as the leader of Damul-Jadid Group, a semi-religious interest clique. See what is already happening in the security sector under his watch with emboldened Alshabab, while government security apparatus is breaking down due to politicization as they are being treated like political agents of Mohamud’s predecessor, Farmajo.

HSM is a microcosm of all Somali political leaders, who ignorantly defy continuity of government in public affairs- a tendency of every new president to run things anew from the scratch. This is a huge loss of hard works over many decades or at least four years of modest endeavors by previous administration. Wise leaders build on previous societal achievements, and it is the art of statecraft to benefit from experiences and history of a nation.

Every elected (selected) Somali politician has a track record of both his mudane achievements and failures, doing often more harm to the society. Often the failures overshadow any achievements, signaling that they cannot be politically rehabilitated and given a 2nd chance. The Somali Political Doctrine is right even with the rare accident of re-electing President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

You are right – you are thinking about the political ratings of the leaders of the Federal Member States. Given your impression of their performances so far, do you think anyone of them deserves re-election?

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