Puntland Government Quarters

That entire location to the Northern hills of Garowe City as the state property and future offices of Puntland Government was the plan and design by the first administration. Former President Faroole, who started constructing it, was then a minister in the 2nd half of that term. We even brought Indian civil engineers and architectors to do the first sketches. Late Mohamed Abshir Waldo helped us in that regard. The idea was born at conclusion of the Constitutional Congress at 54th Military Garrison Campound off Garowe town and formation of Puntland Government in 1998. It was clear then that Garowe was a crowded village and government offices wouldn’t fit into it.

Further, we knew that, in case of civil disturbances and public demonstrations, government premises would not be safe in overcrowded and tightly constructed Garowe. The late President, Abdullahi Yusuf, being a military man, often emphasized this matter. The Indians Mr Waldo brought for the purpose were masons from Nairobi.

The hills are now the site of Puntland Presidency and various government ministries and State and International Agencies.

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