Editor’s Note and Postscript:

Since the posting of this short easay today, Ethiopian Foreign Ministry had taken down their provocative and destabilizing “New Map” from the Ministry’s Internet website. Thank you, the move helps to cool public nerves, but the damage has been already done.


Mogadishu, May 26, 2019 – Here is a website-link drawn from the official internet site of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Ethiopia, in which Somalia no longer exists on the globe.

Pradoxically, a tiny country called “Somaliland” as a neighbor of a new Ethiopia appears on the provocative “NEW MAP”. Is there a Somali Embassy in Addis Ababa? The ambassador should seek explanations from the Ethiopians for this further Ethiopian irredentism. Is the map fake or authentic? The ambassador has to find out. Can we afford to engage in diplomatic confrontation on two fronts at same time now? Is there an organized coordination between Kenya and Ethiopia attached to the introduction of this destabilizing “map”? Let us weigh our options on all of the above.

In the MFA text of this web-link attached, you wouldn’t find once the word Somalia. Take a read.




Ethiopia did similar provocative act before by erasing Eritrea and Somalia on the map. Eritreans protested strongly. Somalis never noticed the incident. Ethiopians kept erasing Somalia on the map. This is,at least, the 2nd time they did. It is a deliberate provocation and a roadmap for its ambitious and historical irredentism to swallow Somalia. Here is the link to the first Ethiopia’s premeditated action. They may claim that their website had been hacked. But, this is their 2nd trial they were caught in the act. They should immediately render an apology, nothing short of that.

Ethiopia apologizes over map that ‘erased’ Eritrea

Latest development on the incident:

BREAKING: Ethiopia “regrets” for posting “wrong and unacceptable image” of the map of Africa on its Foreign Ministry website. The map showed Somalia as part of Ethiopia. “Upon becoming aware of the matter, we have immediately removed it from our Website”. https://t.co/eLpEuigyFz


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