Let us start with Russia. The war does not meet the minimum security objectives of President Putin – prevention of NATO expansion into the security buffer zone of the Russian Federation, with Europe’s neutral countries of Sweden and Finland now pondering to join NATO. The war in Ukraine may drag on, wiping out Russian economy and resources. Russia is already isolated and decoupled from major world business and financial networks, as a result of this war.

Ukraine War has caused European anxiety and feeling of security threat from Russia since World War II.

The war has shaken up entire economies of many countries beyond Europe – nations in the developing world, who rely on Russian-Ukraine wheat imports would suffer heavily.

The outbreak of this war would encourage proliferation of nukes and development of biological weapons from now on as deterrent among nations, including Ukraine.

In conclusion, the Russian War (“Special Military Operation”) against Ukraine clearly demonstrates its foreign policy failure and diplomatic fiasco. Painfully, the Russian-Ukraine war is a slaughter between closely related slavic nationalities. It would have traumatic effect on children even beyond Ukraine. The hatred so caused here due to destruction of lives and livelihoods on both sides of the war would last for generations to come.

(Photo: courtesy to Aljazeera)

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