It has been a long time home-coming to reach at this stage – a controversial election produces controversial outcome, however. Despite press reports and multiple eye-witness accounts of election manipulations at constituencies levels, though, the New Parliament composing of two chambers is finally constituted with the election of the temporary speakers today, based on age criteria, until the leadership of the both houses are voted for. The temporary speakers are Senator Mohamed Ali Yusuf (Gaagaab) from Puntland State and MP Abdisalam Haji Ahmed (Dabancad) from Galmudugh State.

Given the long delays, political controversy and in-fightings between different levels of the government and FEIT (Federal Electoral Implementation Team), today’s Swearing-In Ceremony is significant.

Today’s proceedings in Mogadishu is shadowed, however, by incomplete conduct of election in Gedo of Jubaland State, and Beletweyne and Jowhar of Hirshabelle State, a total number of MPs close to 30 still to get elected. At this moment, the New Parliament has more than the Quorum to sit and pass resolutions. Whether they would go ahead to hold sessions without waiting for the remaining unelected MPs is to be seen.

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