Today I paid visit to Golis Headquarters in Garowe to top-up my SAHAL ACCOUNT. I parked my vehicle in a pool of rain – water infront of the Golis office building. Getting out of the vehicle wasn’t an easy task without submerging my legs into muddy water. Think of women dressed in long gowns sweeping the street around them to get into the offices of the company across a pond-like reservoir of rain-water at front gate. Women clients of the firm constitute probably the bulk of the customer population. During rainy season they return home to mind washing their gowns each time they visit Golis Headquarters.

At the time of my today’s visit, I asked one of company staff member why wasn’t the company taking care of this problem at its gate. He responded that it was a government problem, not company’s. I put the same question to another in a different office section. He said jokingly that he would hope this issue will be addressed in the year “2026”.
You would notice that the problem of cleaning up and addressing the office aesthetics isn’t unique to Golis. Many have no taste for decorations and beauty. You would also notice that the richer the companies are and more their services essential, the more they become indifferent to the care of their working environment.

If Golis HQs expect Puntland Government to construct a 40- metre pavement space at gate of their offices, God save the people of Puntland State.

Here is a similar situation of Somalis in the North Eastern Kenya, but in a different light:

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