By Ismail Warsame, Opinion Columnist

The political crisis in Galmudugh is a result of lack of leadership. Galmudugh State President, Abdi Kariye Qoorqoor, came to power through similar crisis with Ahlu Sunna Group as impostor from the leaders of the Federal Government at the time when there were reconciliation talks going between Galmudugh authorities and Ahlu Sunna with the issue of Dusa-Mareb as the capital city of the state resolved. It is noteworthy to recall that the Ahlu Sunna Group at that time had made a grave mistake in their betrayal of former Galmudugh State President, Ahmed Duale Gelle (Xaaf) under the deception and conspiracy of the Federal Government. They entered into bad deal only to be pushed out violently with their forces taken over by Mogadishu regime. Qoorqoor was part of that conspiracy. Galmudugh State residents, eager to preserve the peace and stability of their state, accepted Qoorqoor imposition.

Qoorqoor, still loyal to his masters in the Federal Government, abandoned his official duties in Galmudugh to act as a political broker in Mogadishu politics. A power vacuum set in in Galmudugh State. Ahlu Sunna has now taken advantage of this situation to seize power.

Qoorqoor is part of the problem, not the solution. In fact, ministers like Ahmed Moallim Fiqi were showing able leadership, doing an excellent job in the Region, engaging in keeping the peace and carrying out reconciliation works. Qoorqoor has to go. Also note that Galmudugh State is recycling former warlords for the leadership of the new Federal Member State and within the Federal Government and Parliament. It is a problem too.

Now, the situation there is explosive. GALMUDUGH, however, can’t escape the nature of a regional state alla Somala: A State brought about by power-sharing and consensus among clans living in the same or adjacent geographical locations can’t dictate its own terms in conflict resolution. To resolve disputes by military means would backfire, leading to violence and potential breakup of the state.


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