For laughter

A native of Sanaag Region was having a good time with hostess in Hargeisa. Her house was a comfortable joint to rest and relax during the day with the availability of cold Coca-Cola, his favorite drink. One day a lady from Sanaag Region had opened a shop in Hargeisa. A friend of his persuaded him to show sympathy and support to the new country lady by exchanging the place relaxation. He agreed. When he ordered a bottle of cold Coca-Cola, the new lady offered him a warm one. He was soo disappointed that he kept saying tribalism was too warm to offer one even a bottle of cold Coca-Cola (“qabyaaladi kululaa!”) Said Faadi, the Director of Gara’ad Port relayed this story to WDM.

PS: Note the Somali phrase “Qabyaaladi kululaa” is more powerful than the entire English text above.

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