How often do you see or read about any studies by Somalis on how Somalia’s economy is doing monthly, quarterly or yearly? Do you have any statistics on unemployment rate? National imports and exports? Budget deficit? Interest rates on loans or public debt? Or any reports on the state of country’s economic situation? Who was supposed to do research or studies on these issues? Are we moving in the darkness? Who is preventing us from sleepwalking into an abyss?

Has politics become our pastime, especially tribal politics? Where are we heading to?

Are the rudimentary institutions calling themselves prematurely tank tanks or research centers all geared up to study elections and election-related issues? Politics only? Do they have any concept on multi-tasking (doing more that one thing at time)?

Most Somalis have now, at least, one telephone number, and it is easier to compile preliminary data on vital population statistics. But, who would lead the efforts to study the affairs of this country?

Those arm-chair debating intellectuals should learn multi-tasking to baby-step towards normal intellectual browsing. Political leaders should, at least, start understanding what we are talking about here.

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