There are reports concerning serious meddling in the election of the chair and vice-chair of the electoral commission by Farmajo Team. Among these reports include one posted by Nairobi-based Matt Bryden, a Canadian expatriate with a long history in Somali studies and NGO business in the country. Mr Bryden, as controversial as he is anti-Farmajo regime, makes sense this time around. He states that the scheduled Somalia’s election is already rigged as the regime has already packed up the leadership of the commission with its men to predetermine the outcome of the election in favor of the incumbent. He also adds that the opposition, fearful of being marked “spoilers” by the international community, aren’t addressing this obvious interference in the independence of the electoral commission. Another reason he cites for the silence of the opposition on the issue is their reluctance to oppose prime minister Rooble, who may be working towards Farmajo’s win.

If the above reports were nearly close to the truth, there is a cloud of mistrust hanging on this election, which would make election victory by Farmajo or someone else promoted by NISA and its allies as very much a suspect.

The current position of the opposition to keep calm and standby while Farmajo-Fahad shenanigans are ongoing, would be tantamount to dereliction of duty.

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