Do Puntland authorities understand why zonal security rating is lower in Garowe than in Hargeisa? The reason is that Garowe showcases guns and technicals (battle wagons) in town. Puntland Capital City looks like dangerous war zone. Authorities should learn addressing security issues without the display of tools of intimidation and fear.

UN HQ in New York and that of European Union in Brussels require international workers not to stay overnight in Garowe without permission from them, while these same workers are allowed to bring their families with them to Hargeisa and spend time in town without security escorts for shopping, sightseeing and entertainment. There is a night curfew (from 6 pm) in place for internationals staying overnight in Puntland urban centres.The perception of security fear created by Puntland authorities in Garowe doesn’t exist even in dangerous Mogadishu, where expatriates do the bulk of their businesses, staying in as long as it takes.

Puntland authorities create a perception of insecurity in Garowe and other peaceful towns to unintentionally lower secutity rating in Puntland. This artificial exercise by busy bodies should be curtailed. The pattern also indicates that authorities do not understand the other soft means of keeping peace: intelligence and use of plainclothed security personnel. Visible guns in public view create the impression of fear and insecurity in urban centres. They must kept invisible, but ready in discrete stations, just in case.

Historically, the epidemic of the spread of acquiring bodyguards in Puntland State was initiated and used by former cabinet members, Hassan Abshir Farah Waraabe and Ali Ismail Abdigir, two former officials of Siyaad Barre Regime, against resentments by others.



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