How to Approach Somaliland issue

The first step is to define clans Somaliland Administration represents; which clan wants to secede or not secede from Somalia.To do that, prominent members of the clan system whom Somaliland Administration allegedly represents must be consulted in open and public manners in the presence of credible international observers. Hargeisa Administration shouldn’t be  allowed to dictate the terms of this process as observers monitor people’s wishes for their future destiny.

The 2nd step is to define who are the stakeholders of Northwest Somalia issue (Somalilamd), for instance, the Federal Government of Somalia, clans of Dhulbahante, Warsengeli, Isaxaaq, Gadabuursey, Issa, and Puntland State, among others.

Thirdly, a nationwide national referendum must be included in any talks with current Hargeisa Administration, to review the Act of Union of 1960.

 Fourthly, all international actors, including Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, USA, UAE, others, must cease and desist promoting “Somaliland” issue, otherwise they would be treated as “meddlers in the domestic affairs of Somalia. 

It is important to note here that successive Somalia’a Administrations had mismanaged “Somaliland” issue.