What the hell is that? “Alle hawnaxiisto” alone won’t cut it.The killers must be brought to justice!

Killers! You are in hell here and there!

Galkayo is a rotten city whose residents see no action, compassion or justice for the daily murder of its best.

“Alle hawnaxariisto” with no action, investigation or pursuit of justice is now their way of life in cowardly existence. People of Galkayo, shame on you! Even if teenage girl is raped and murdered, they would say “Alle hawnaxariisto alone, disarming themselves of any further action.

Incidentally, most of these murders happen publicly before their eyes without immediate retaliation by anyone armed with a rifle and pistol. Promptly, they all look the other way. This is beyond cowardice. This is beyond insanity. This is stupidity and low life. This is blasphemy without even noticing it.

The question to the residents of Galkayo is: How would they expect to keep their best in town of such ugly and dangerous security and personal safety record?

Residents of Puntland should know that no government authorities could successfully maintain law and order without citizens’ support. They can’t have both ways. They would either fall as victims of violence or support the government to stay free and alive.

What kind of government Puntland is whose citizens are slaughtered every day without investigations, arrest of murderers and effective administration of justice. Incidents of this kind happen everywhere in the world, but the difference here and there is that authorities take actions to bring perpetrators to justice, no matter how long and whaever it takes. How come killers get away with such scale of massacres in Puntland cities for years? This is a huge scandal in the security sector of Puntland Government. Puntland Government, as a matter of top priority, should meet its constitutional responsibilities to protect citizens from lawlessness and violence. Nothing else is more important than protecting lives. Moreover, a qaat-chewing officers, soldiers and policemen wouldn’t protect us from harm. All qaat-chewing security personnel in Puntland should be transitioned to summary dismissal from duties. They are security threat. A qaat-addicted soldier is a destitute person who can’t defend even himself.

Author: Warsame Digital Media WDM

About the blogger: This blog is associated with the former Chief of Staff in Puntland State Presidency, 1998-2005. He also worked with the UN and World Bank Joint Secretariat for Somalia’s Re-construction and Development Program (RDP), 2005-2006, as a Zonal Technical Coordinator for Puntland and later as National Aid Technical Coordinator with the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia and European Union. He is now an independent political analyst and commentator on current issues and occasionally gives historical perspective on modern Somalia’s politics. He lives and works in Toronto, Canada. He can be reached at:

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