الحديث عن الحقيقة إلى السلطة في سياق غير ديمقراطي و قبلى. مقالاات عن المساءلة

Synopsis ملخص

The collapse of Somalia’s Central Government and its status as a failed state presents a unique case and problem to the international community as it constitutes an unprecedented threat to international order as community of nations and to the world  as orderly societies with predictable laws and manners of civilized behaviour.

The author of this book strongly believes that the absence of free press and checks and balance of power had contributed, to the greatest extent, this national and internationally worrisome political situation in that country. This book, Talking Truth to Power in Undemocratic and Tribal Context, Articles of Impeachment, is a collection of a series of short articles written contemporaneously on the current political developments within the frameworks of the efforts being made by now fledgling transitional administrations of the Federal Government of Somalia and its Federal Member States. These are articles of critical analysis and essays on the latest political developments in Somalia. The articles are objective and unbiased take on major political issues of Somalia at moment.

Some of these essays had been recently published execluvely in the author’s personal blog at, attracting considerable readers’ interest, who are now also requesting for the compilation of these essays into a book. The author is responding to their persistent requests. These requests are also an indication that this book would sell well in a competitive book market.

The book could be a good source material for students and teachers learning English as a 2nd language in their composition papers and reporting skills. The book could also enlighten foreign diplomats and politicians on current political issues in Somalia, and efforts being made by Somalis to re-instate and re-construct their failed state.

By Ismail H. Warsame

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