Following the explosive story on Somali Government blacklisting of Egyptian Education Mission teachers in Puntland, and denial of Entry Visa to them, the Immigration and Naturalisation Directorate had sucked the above employee unlawfully without any due process and adherance to Somalia’s labour code, to scape-goat its abuse of power in banning teachers’s return to schools in Puntland.

Somalia’s Immigration and Naturalisation Directorate should reconsider its abusive dismissal of the employee and give him fair hearing on what has transpired in this case.

The Directorate, however, had denied that it was behind the denial Entry Visa to the Egyptian teachers in a statement. The facts showed otherwise.

Since then, the Immigration Directorate, under intensive public pressure, has issued Entry Visas to the blacklisted teachers.



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Please note the immigration employee fired and officer firing him are both attached to Puntland Immigration Section. However, they are connected to Somalia’s Immigration and Naturalisation Directorate.The order to deny Entry Visas to Egyptian teachers returning to Puntland came from Mogadishu Immigration Head Office of the Federal Government.

Correction. An early version of this article wrongly named Immigration and Naturalisation Directorate

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