November 25, 2019

A political paralysis sets in Somalia and the situation will potentially continue, at least to remain the same, until the end of February 2020. That is because the foreign makers and shakers of Somalia’s politics went on Christmas and New Year’s vacations, and the Somali politicians had ran out of ideas and capacities long time ago to develop native initiatives to collectively address nation’s problems.

When the trust is missing and feeble minds at helms of leadership, they develop and resort to entrenched mentality and inflexibility in their respective positions, the nation becomes leaderless and falls into a situation of political dilemma and limbo, devoid of self-confidence to move forward, a new phase of Somali politics that was never contemplated of even in the height Somalia’s Civil War.

In the past, most political initiatives and movements were coming from Puntland. The State, however, is currebtly experiencing self-isolation due to several factors, including the absence of willing political partners in South-Central Somalia, among numerous internal issues of its own.

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