November 9, 2019



What the Party Stands for:

A Confederal  Party of Somalia would be a non-profit, non-sectarian and non-partisan political party advocating for expanded devolution of the powers of the Central Government in Somalia to Federal Member States through review and reforms of the Provisional Federal Constitution.

The Confederal Party of Somalia  (CPS), XISBIGA AWOOD-QAYBSIGA BAAHSAN (XAQBA) doesn’t advocate for secession, but for constitutional reforms for harmonious relationships between the Government of a Confederal Republic of Somalia and its Confederal Member States as Confederal Partners in governance.

Political Objectives of the Party:

The Confederal Party of Somalia would be committed to the unity, sovereignity and territorial integrity of the Confederation.

National Policy of the Party:

The Confederal Party of Somalia shall engage Somali masses in constructive political discourse and national dialogue for suitable governance alternative to isolate sectarianism, clannism and corruption from Somali politics. The Party should seek resolutions to current constitutional impasse between the Federal Government and existing FMS.

The Party would advocate for review of the current Provisional Federal Constitution to opt for a confederal system that could clearly define and enshire the powers of the FGS and FMS in a negotiated confederalism. The Party is not seeking undue power grab by the FMS.

On the Electoral Process 2020/21

On the electoral process of 2020/21, preparatory work has to start now to hold People’s Congress in each of the FMS to elect respectively the next members of both chambers of Somalia’s Parliament under the existing quota of 4.5 clan power-sharing arrangement for a final time. At the simultaneous convention of FMS People’s Congresses, federal Parliament would be dissolved at expiration of the mandate. Would-be elected representatives by all FMS People’s Congresses would gather in a suitable peaceful town like Garowe, for instance, to elect the Federal President and Speakers of the Parliament. The current political impasse could be resolved expeditiously this way.


New Confederal Constitution should be drafted under a review process of the existing Provisional Federal Constitution, subject to a National Referendum. 

This Concept Note is a follow-up of recent Policy Paper by a group of Puntland intellectuals and policians.

Welcome on-board and join the debate on the search for better Somalia.



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