October 12, 2019

Have you ever heard an Arab man’s comedy story about a snoring colleague?  جىب نوم التانى, which roughly translates into “have another type of sleep”.

You could also ask Somalis to have another type of election. The old method through clan selection sounds like that snoring Arab man. It isn’t credible anymore. All past selections in Federal Member States are discredited, including of those of Puntland, which became a reference point and role model for all political bad actors of the rest of FMS.

Another type of election could come only by doing the hard and honest work of preparing people for general elections through the ballot-box. To do that, it requires selfless leadership to make history, and leaders, who, the potential outcomes of those elections couldn’t deter their determination to see that through.

Mature democracies hold elections not because they want specific candidates to win, but because elections are the only instruments to prevent political stalemate, gridlocks and societal unrests. Transparent elections give people free choices to blame only themselves, if their choices result in bad leadership, therefore they would think wisely next time around, thus establishing a tradition of democracy and peaceful transfer of power.

Somalis, have another type of election!

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Author: Warsame Digital Media WDM

About the blogger: This blog is associated with the former Chief of Staff in Puntland State Presidency, 1998-2005. He also worked with the UN and World Bank Joint Secretariat for Somalia’s Re-construction and Development Program (RDP), 2005-2006, as a Zonal Technical Coordinator for Puntland and later as National Aid Technical Coordinator with the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia and European Union. He is now an independent political analyst and commentator on current issues and occasionally gives historical perspective on modern Somalia’s politics. He lives and works in Toronto, Canada. He can be reached at:

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