September 19, 2019

Puntland Concept on Federalism, from the inception, has been always confederalism (devolution of more powers of the Central State to Member States).

Federalism has been distorted so much that even Puntlanders are disillusioned with it. Let us go back to the original concept of Confederalism. This will flush out the confusion surrounding federalism. This will also spell out clearly the desire and intention of member states demanding more power for their respective local jurisdictions. No more contradictions in the debate. From now on, we will talk about “who has power over what” – Central Government or a member state.

There is no value in being stuck on the old and tired term “Federalism”, a concept distorted many times over during Somali debate on formulating power and resources sharing system, following the Civil War.

The term Federalism” has lost both its legal and constitutional definition in Somalia as a result of intentional and unintentional distortions. It was confederalism vs city-state, in the orginal thinking. Let us stick to original concept. Let us go back to the basics.


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