July 26, 2019

“Xukuumadda Puntland ee Somalia” (Puntland Government of Somalia) is not the same as “Xukuumadda Dawladda Puntland ee Somalia” (Government of Puntland State of Somalia).

One simply cannot use own translations. There is a Puntland Constitution.

The name of Dawlad-Gobolleedka (Regional State) had even crept into the Puntland Constitution and letter-heads of some Puntland departments by mistake due to the mind-set of officials and people rigidly fixated on the name “Dawlad-Gobolleed”. Puntland is not a regional State, but a state of many regions or a considerable portion of Somalia.

The letter-head of Puntland Presidency (Madaxtooyada) carries the correct name of the State from Day One of Puntland foundation. But, the Puntland Executive Branch and the House of Representatives never bother enforcing the correct use of State name by various departments.

This is true to other Federal Member States of Somalia as well. They fell into same misnomer as Puntland.

Such name-calling has its concept rooted in the mind-set of opponents of Federalism to minimize the status and powers of a Federal Member State. It is centralist idea people unknowingly accepted as normal.



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