The idea behind the desire of establishing a Banadir State is an attempt to return to clan cleansing of 1991-1993 by unseating the Federal Government with an alternative to own the Government exclusively. It is highly provocative approach to preemptively prevent Mogadishu from becoming the Nation’s Capital City with a special status as a Federal property.

It is a temptation to violate the articles of the Federal Constitution both in letter and the spirit.

In a nutshell, the attempt is blackmail and conspiracy against national reconciliation and restoration of trust among Somalis.

In short, it is to perpetuate the wrong-doing of the past and crimes against humanity committed during the Civil War of 1990s.

QUESTIONS begging for answers:

1. Where will the capital of a Banadir State?

2. Where will be the Capital City of Somalia and its national status?

3. Does that mean that all the Heads of Mogadishu Districts will hail from Banadir localities only with no national or Federal public service personnel?

4. What will be the differences between a regional federal state from a Banadir state with Somalia’s National Capital located there?

5. How many regions will Banadir consist of?

6. How two capital cities in the same town with common infrastracture be handled?

7. Will Mogadishu be divided into two cities: Banadir and Federal?

8. Will Mogadishu be a bargaining chip in the political power-sharing arrangements? Equally, would capital cities of federal regional states be subject to power-sharing contract in their respective localities as well?


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