An existential, unattended problem has finally come to haunt Somaliland. In the past, Somaliland have had multiple ocassions and opportunities irreversibly missed to address the Sool-Sanaag issues:

1. An internationally supervised referendum for the peoples of Sool and Sanaag to freely express their wishes.

2. An admission of legitimate representatives of the peoples of Sool and Sanaag to participate in Somalia-Somaliland talks.

3. Appropriate and rightful power-sharing of the peoples of Sool and Sanaag Regions within the political system and administration of Somaliland.

4. Confederate relationships with Puntland with a Rotating Presidency as proposed by Puntland Administration.

5. Former President of Somaliland, the Late Mohamed Ibrahim Egal, with the support of Puntland, to claim Somalia’s leadership as the last legitimate Prime Minister of Somalia after the collapse of the Central Somalia’s Government in 1991.

6. Hargeisa to host Somalia’s National Reconciliation Conferences, an opportunity that might have led to the city eventually becoming the future Capital City of Somalia.

These, among others, are missed political opportunists that now seem a dream.The fate of a nation depends on bold leadership that can evaluate hard choices and take fateful decisions. A proverbial ostrich approach to existential national issues is now catching up with President Muse Bihi Administration. His is an accumulation of political miscalculations and deferred solutions to pressing problems.


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