The Three Boundary Issues of Somalia

There are three border issues of Somalia:

1. The Italo-Ethiopian Boundary of the 1830s that lied to the North of Jigjiga, now in Ethiopia.

2. The Italo-British Boundary of Colonial Administrations of Somalia that lied North of Garowe in the Nugaal Region, now in Puntland State of Somalia.

3. The “Linea Tomazelli” ( sanctioned by the Tomazelli Boundary Commission of 1880s) Clan Boundary of Darood and Hawiye in Mudugh Region that lied South of Dusamareed, the Capital of now Galgaduud Region, before the 1960 Independence of Somalia. later, Siyad Barre Military Administration partitioned Mudugh into two regions, Mudugh and Galgaduud in the late 1970s.

The entire Galgaduud Region and parts of Southern Mudugh, now the under the claim of Galmudugh should, technically fall under a Darood administration if the inhabitants there so desire.

This is the most recent historical perspective of the Three Boundary Issues.


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