Hopes in President Hassan Sh. Mohamud of Somalia Dashed

Warsame Digital Media WDM. "GET USED TO FREE PRESS"

It is now quite clear to everyone in Somalia and within the Diaspora that the Somali President and his close allies are pursuing a policy agenda incompatible with the aspirations of majority of the Somali people- to end the Civil war, safeguard their unity and sovereignty and move forward in peace and  prosperity for all. He came to power with the benefit of the doubt that he might take the lead to turn things around, and at least, restore trust among the warring factions in the re-creation of the 3rd Republic. Their hopes have been dashed as the President became part of the problem rather than the solution. He has been deeply engaged in a struggle and vicious fight against the fundamental law of his country – The Constitution. He has became a thorn to every positive action and initiative to adhere to the laws of the land. His allies…

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