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“ I am not gone drink this bottle of water”, said Steve (not his real name, for privacy reasons), a Senior CIA Officer, and the Head of Delegation of the US Homeland Security, when offered a cold bottle of distilled water produced by a small Bosaso factory in Puntland State of Somalia. It was in June, 2002, when Puntland forces finally restored law and order in the City, after chasing away the Jama Ali Jama’s rebel group in May. The US Intelligence Delegation was meeting with top Officials of the State when Steve declined the kind offer of cold water, despite his burning thirst in the heat-scorched Red Sea “ Diraac” (extremely hot, humid, and dry season) weather of Bosaso. Some one from the Puntland Side, not suspecting a thing at all, pushed an imported, cold, and sweating Coca Cola bottle on the table towards Steve. “Have and enjoy this…

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