Four Events Made Greatest Impressions on TCFN Delegation to Bosaso

Garowe, March 10, 2023

Now that Puntland Technical Committee for Federal Negotiations (TCFN) is back in Garowe, there are a few events that have made an impact on our assessment of the journey to Bosaso and will be reflected on our experience.

1. An event of Bosaso Development Vision 2030 held by Puntland Presidency on March 6 2023 about non-involvement of Puntland Government in the aggressive war waged by Somaliland against civilian population of Laascaanood. That was a major political statement by President Said Abullahi Deni on Somaliland Administration’s violence in Sool Region.

2. Guided tour of Bosaso Seaport under expansion – an important construction project underway that would make a big difference in Puntland infrastructure capacity and economic expansion.

3. A meeting TCFN held with Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni at his Residence in Bosaso in which important topics related to both Puntland State and Federal Affairs were deliberated and a meeting of minds were attained.

4. A meeting of TCFN and some cabinet members of Puntland Government to exchange views on current issues of Somalia’s political landscape and state of affairs were conducted and brainstormed. Consensus of views on existing political realities in Somalia emerged in this important get-together with Puntland key cabinet members.

Stay tuned for further deliberations from Puntland Technical Committee for Federal Negotiations (TCFN).

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