The Technical Committee For Federal Negotiations has had an important and constructive meeting with President Said Abdullahi Deni and his team of key ministers last night at his Residence in the Puntland Red Sea Port City of Bosaso. Great ideas on moving the State forward has been explored. It was focused deliberation of issues and Puntland immense potential for development, a politically mature and candid debate ensued in the discussion. A review of TCFN operational performance and potential contribution to state-building and Somalia’s governance in general were among the topics covered. President Deni was shining in his open tackling with the issues of Puntland State and Federal Government.

Earlier in the day, TCFN with the Minister of Finance had toured Bosaso Port and saw first hand commendable Port expansion in progress. It is huge understanding and already the construction company had made noticeable portions of the project. TCFN found satisfaction in talking to the project managers and site engineers. Real work is underway here for all to see.

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