Fake news flies faster than not only supersonic speed, but it also has more staying powers than the truth. Only yesterday at least two grown-up college graduates I knew well bought the fake news that Puntland State was planning to seceed from rest of Somalia, and that it was issuing its own passport.

As alarming as that may sound, I also had a chance to strike a conversation with 25-year old girl from Buhoodle. She not only seemed to know little to nothing about Puntland history, but surprisingly she has a well rehearsed version of Dr Ali Khalif Galaydh’s sinophobic notion about Puntland and Majeertaine. She also didn’t know that Khatumo was a failed administration whose leaders had finally sold their souls to the Hargeisa Administration. I, as well, know that most Dhulbahante men and women think that Khatumo and Dhulbahante are synonymous, despite the fact that many “Dholos” were opposed to the idea of “Khatumo”.

Cayn Region or Buhoodle isn’t equal to a half of Togdheer Region. Puntland State designated Buhoodle as “Region” because the “Village” of Buhoodle” doesn’t sound well to the “Establishment”. The “SSC” (Sool, Sanaag, Cayn) do not tell the whole truth. Here Sool Region, a part of Nugaal Valley, is correct. But the inclusion of Sanaag Region here is controversial at least, as Warsengeli of Erigavo area is either excluded or inserted here without their consent.

Dhulbahante, therefore, is advised to discontinue the use of the words “Khatumo and SSC” for their struggle against Somaliland occupation. You don’t run the names of failed rebel groups over and over again to achieve better or different results. Continued use of these names could further divide Dhulbahante along sub-clan lines and settling of old scores within “Khatumo and SSC” malpractice.

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