Tonight nobody is getting any younger, but the arrival of the 2023 offers an opportunity to reflect on the events of preceeding year in both personal experiences and eventful developments we were witnesses. Year 2022 seemed exceptional in terms of peace. In year 2022 we were not expecting major war in Europe with a modern state of Russia attacking its neighbor, causing havoc and displacement to peaceful people deciding their own destiny in the continent. We all thought that imperialism and territorial expansion were things of the past. It never crossed in our mind that a European leader of 21st century would blatantly dare to invade a sovereign country with unimaginable threat of use of nuclear weapon. One could aspire for a negotiated settlement of this destructive and devastating conflict.

COVID-19 has changed the world and ways people do business and interact with each other. Many people lost their loved ones. Its traumatic global impact will remain forever.

Legal troubles of former US President Donald J Trump was another mesmerizing story in US politics and their public institutions. Many believed that Trump was unaccountable for his alleged crimes.

Year 2023 appears to look like the continuation of 2022. In year 2023, don’t continue to do the same old things and behave the same old ways to expect different results. Just mask up when you are told to. Discard conspiracies and seek truth.

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