They say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The current administration of Jubaland has been in power for far too long in the hand of one man, Ahmed Madoobe. It is already rotten to the core and has run out of ideas to address the grave security situation in Kismayo, which is continually a target of terrorist attacks at major city landmarks like hotels. That is because the regime is frozen in time and space to learn from previous security incidents and vulnerabilities over many years now. Vast parts of Jubaland is still in the hands of terrorists and other extremist entities, with no one challenging them.

Ahmed Madoobe Regime has two objectives in Jubaland:

1. How to stay in power forever.

2. How to keep Kismayo and its seaport hostage to the current regime forever.

Forget about expanding Jubaland Administration beyond Kismayo. Neither Ahmed Madoobe nor Kenyan Defence Forces (KDF) attached to ATMIS are interested in confronting extremists. They want to maintain the status quo. Extremists, too, seem to prefer that way with occasional attacks in Kismayo to make their presence persistently relevance. No movement by either side. The alarming security situation in Jubaland is justification for the continued presence and influence of Kenya in that part of Somalia. They want to keep Alshabab in their security equation as a necessary evil for their stay there.

Those who dig graves for human burial to earn their livelihoods are interested in more persons to die everyday. Similarly, the presence of Al-Shabab and terrorist activities in Kismayo are much needed security menace for Jubaland regime and Kenyan policy-makers on Jubaland occupation.

[Title of the article changes.]

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