Warsame Digital Media WDM has conducted a survey through the Facebook to test interest in politics among the demographics in all regions of Somalia. Methodology: Release of a video clip directed at Somalia’s constituencies only. It was a Youtube video clip broadcasted through the social media. The clip wasn’t framed as normal survey, but a podcast reminding population to support political associations and parties in order to insure the independence of these organizations to survive, compete in the political arena and make government authorities accountable.

We believe that the result of watching rate to this video reflects upon participation and interest in Somali politics, on the top of many other factors of interest to researchers .

Based on the number, age and gender, residents of Banadir, Waqooyi Galbeed (Sonaliland) and Bari (Puntland) came out respectively first. The lowest rate came from Gedo, Bay, Bakool and Hiiraan. The rest of the regions are in-between. Read here the result of test:

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