It is human nature that people hate someone else succeeding where they failed badly. The three successful Pilot Council Elections in Qardho, Uffayn and Eyl recently must have been a shock to Faroole and Gaas. That much we understand in regard to human situation of former leaders of Puntland State, but now they hurt our expectations of them to act as Puntland/Somali statesmen. What is wrong with our yesterday’s leaders and supposedly experienced politicians?

President Faroole tried his best and his administration did a huge ground work in his attempt to hold Council elections. In the end, he didn’t see the process through successfully. This trial was commendable and Puntland is now building on these efforts. It is perplexing to see him opposing the same work he had started. Shame! People of Puntland deserve better.

What some Puntlanders may find extremely odd, however, not surprising, is the case of Gaas opposing Puntland moving forward without listening to his sadistic utterings. Many Puntlanders couldn’t be deceived by any more shenanigans by a politician whose entire political career was built on shameless corruption, and abysmally failed Puntlanders in their time of need in both war and peaceful reconstruction. Gaas, a doctor in economics, was reportedly quoted as saying “Little corruption is good for the economy”.

But, let us cut chasing the wild goose – Gaas can’t have further say in Puntland affairs. People of Puntland are still reeling from the dilapidating harm done by Gaas and his despotic litte cronies of Aaran Jaan types. Recall scandal involving Garowe-Galkayo Road and P&O Bosaso Port, the infamous “15 million Dollar Golden Handshake”, on the top of unprecedented, huge, daylight bribery in Puntland House of Representatives to sell out the only Puntland port then. Where does he come from to oppose Puntland transition to democracy? Can he be a model for anyone of decent reputation? When talking to Gaas, ask him about his experience with “Tukaraq Fiasco”. Gaas is the author of the infamous “Ban Ki-moon Stament” as prelude to sell his soul and Puntland interests to President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

Residents of Puntland State of Somalia will march on and pass-by the lovers of doomsday and “after me, the dèluge”.

(Feature picture: Garowe-Galkayo Highway now under construction where Mr. Gaas had failed and messed up).

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