Aren’t you still tired and fed up of being told that your member of Parliament would be picked up by your clan elder? How would you allow your Puntland State President to continue to be selected by a group of unrepresentative 66 persons in your so-called parliament? By continuing to accept this kind of unaccountable and unrepresentative government, you risk losing the hope and future of your kids, existing generation, or even Puntland self-government. If you don’t change, you will have no rights to blame others for your misfortunes because of failure in your civic responsibilities. Once you skip the opportunity to vote and make a difference in your life and others’, you abandon all your rights as a full citizen.

In my opinion, after many trials and errors, Puntland State is now posed to make history in introducing One Person One Vote to the State and Somalia, starting with elections of District Councils. Make sure you contribute to the process and play your important role as responsible resident of Puntland State of Somalia. Good luck!

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