OMBUDSMAN is a knowledgeable person of government to look into or troubleshoot complaints against government department(s) or personnel by private person(s). Members of the general public may apply for the assistance of the government ombudsman on complains they have with a government department. Ombudsman acts as subject-matter expert. He or she submits recommendations to the appropriate body on options for the resolution of such complaint. Unaddressed public complaints may end up in conflict and violence. It would tarnish government reputation and credibility as a public servant.

How would a citizen handle his/her complaint on government agency? Would he/she go to the courts against a government agency? Can courts consider and handle a complaint against a minister or an official? This is where government ombudsman comes in as a neutral arbiter to look into such matters and make recommendations to the relevant government body for possible remedy.

Ombudsman is a common practice in most advanced countries as a neutral way to address and resolve complaints by private individuals against an official in a government agency.

This is the most effective public relations exercise a government does to project fairness and give the members of the general public a sense of justice in their dealing with government agencies. It is a smart way of diffusing tensions and anger against real or perceived abuses by official(s) of a given government department.

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