You miss critical analysis of current affairs in Somalia, background information of major news developments and events. You also miss WDM take of major world issues, explaining events in a unique and unbiased critical analysis that you may not experience in today’s chaos and partisan editorial contents by so many media outlets.

What is more important and perhaps unnoticeable is the way WDM breaks down complex concepts and situation into simple straightforward language in a brief-like fashion that doesn’t take much time of reading from a busy reader. WDM, understanding information overload in today’s smartphone environment, compresses its contents into not more than a page. This is where the special skills and craft in WDM writings lie.

Independent WDM readers and observers are highly impressed by the contents, style and substance of this blog. As the chief editor of Warsame Digital Media, I strongly recommend that you join us to support this free media that has already captured the admiration of its subscribers.

To receive WDM briefing, articles, video clips and more directly and personally, send your WhatsApp number with your subscription request to +252 90 703 4081.

Thank you.

Ismail H. Warsame, WDM

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