Ali Hosh, a member of Federal Parliament of Somalia and long time serving official of Puntland Government, and most active member of a small interest group in Puntland State called Aaran Jaan, spoke over radio Dalmar in an interview to express his views that seemed to contradict his group’s ownership of the administration of Said Abdullahi Deni. Known for his hard-hitting presidential election campaign for Nabad & Nolool Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre, his unexpected influence over Islaan Isse to grab the Federal Parliament Seat from Isse Mohamud’s subclan, a move that sparked off the anger among other subclans to make their own separate titled elders. Ali Hosh shot first salvo today at portions of Aaran Jaan membership, including Puntland President and his finance minister Hassan Shire Abdi (Abgaal).

Based on the negative views Hosh expressed against Aaran Jaan Government in Garowe, it looks that there is unraveling of Aaran Jaan membership, if that isn’t a political decoy to look for another political horse to replace their man, Deni. This may also confirm media speculations and other signals that recent Federal Presidential election might had had deep splitting effect in the group’s cohesion. Whatever the case may be, we will see how other members of the group react to Hosh’s warning shots.


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