In a society there are always two groups of debaters, the centre of complaint and centre of influence. Example of centre of complaint include Somali arm-chair debaters (Fadhi-Ku-Dirir). Centres of influence include, for instance, Somali Alliance, Somali Concern and Hawiye Action Group to which most Hawye intellectuals belong, including Federal President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. Here in Puntland a small, insignificant group as a centre of influence is known as Aaran Jaan to which Puntland President Deni belongs.

Most Puntlanders belong to the centres of complaint. They became so good at Fadhi-Ku-Dirir that they formed multitudes of internet chat-rooms to air their frustrations and chronic grievances to each other, turning themselves to political cynics. Centres of complaint like the communities of Sool Region (Las Anod City) never take concrete and measurable actions to move any agenda of their debates forward. In the end, their internet chat-rooms turn into media of personal attacks and disappear from internet networks one by one. That is because you cannot sustain an enterprise without an achievabale objective and purpose to serve.

Action speaks louder than words. If Somalis were to be action-oriented, they should debate on implementable course of action and discard time-wasting arm-chair lazy debates.


Centres of influence in Somalia also includes Al-Shabab, among other radical groups, in their evil mission against the nation.

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