In an atmosphere of clan rivalries, corruption and interest groups, the notion of independent press is hard to maintain. Warsame Digital Media WDM is operating under these circumstances. Even some WDM subscribers, who love the professionalism and editorial policy of the blog sometimes try to engage in influence peddling with narrow self-interest in mind. We strongly resist such lobbying efforts on the part of some of our esteemed readers and subscribers. We will not allow any attempt to misdirect our editorial policy and guidelines in producing unbiased contents and objective critical analysis on current issues. Somalia’s State had failed because of the absence of free press and suppression of freedom of expression and civic rights..

The notion of clearly written expression of thought had never developed in Somalia, a situation that paved the way to the rise of a culture of arm-chair fight (Fadhi-Ku-Dirir) at the passive centers of debate in teashops. The good news is WDM is here to stay to fill in the gap. We thank all readers and supporters for staying focused on the big picture: Informing the general public about the issues that matter to them most. Rest assured that we will publish any comments or concerns you may have on our articles.

While we are at it, we appeal to all our readers to support the blog, and en masses.

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