Over the past few months, I have been sharing with you stories, articles on critical analysis on political developments and major governance issues, news, essays, history, etc, on the foundation of Puntland State of Somalia in August 1998, and the 2nd Somali Republic, the Federal Republic of Somalia, established in 2004, with the express intention of writing our history and role of Puntland in the revival of Somalia as a sovereign nation. That is because, if we don’t write our own history, especially in contemporary records as does Warsame Digital Media WDM, to claim our historical achievements in that regard, someone else would write it for us. It would be impossible to re-write or re-claim those missed opportunities later.

I would, therefore, urge you to put into record all that you know about Puntland contributions to history-making events in Somalia’s revival, survival, safeguarding its sovereignity and unity.

24 years on since its inception and Puntland is still engaged in rebuilding not only its own local public institutions, but also those of the Federal Government. For those who fear the potential failure of Puntland as self-governing entity, they would rediscover that the State is a historically developed concept or idea that will rise up again and again after each challenge. The obvious weakness in its governance and unity of its founding regions is a temporary political dynamics that may need time and healing, after which Puntland would only get steeled like hot iron thrusted into cold water.

In my experience as the First Chief of Staff at Puntland Presidency, I recall a conversation I had with US diplomat then, after one year of Puntland existence, in which I informed him the residents of Puntland State had more arms and weapon than the government, and the State was peaceful because of its legitimacy. He responded: “It sounds like you are talking about US Government”.

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