There are five things that make the residents of Puntland State troubled now:

  1. Severe drought, following failure of two consecutive seasons;
  2. Unprecedented inflation. Skyrocketing prices beyond the reach of ordinary people;
  3. Impending violence and armed confrontation to follow current military standoff in the Port-city of Bosaso. Keen observators notice slow preparations for war to resolve leadership contest between Puntland State leadership, particularly the President, on one side, and the revolt and mutiny led by PSF/Boqor Burhan of Bari Region, on the other. Each side sees no alternative to fighting it out, an unprecedented development, given the fact that Puntland regions were famous for traditional mechanism for conflict resolution. This is caused by the fact that neither side recognizes the other for its leadership role. Hence, many residents see no way out of Bosaso standoff, with increased likelihood of violence, displacement and great harm to Puntland peace and Stability ;
  4. Stalled municipal elections, following the win of opposition parties in the poll in all three pilot elections in the districts of Uffayn, Qardho and Eyl in a back-to-back setting with the Federal Elections. This has been further exacerbated by the defeat of Puntland President, Said Abdullahi Deni, in the Federal Presidential Race in Mogadishu. Stalled elections in Puntland is another dangerous layer of instability.
  5. Titled traditional elders have been steadily losing their moral authority as they melted into political sides at all levels of Somali administrations – thus the demise of traditional SELF-GOVERNMENT known for this part of Somalia.

Puntland House of Representatives is now showing signs of life to challenge the Executive Branch after two decades of slumber. Observers say it is too little too late. Nevertheless, it is never too late to save what remains of Puntland. Good luck!

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