According to the people in the know, Somali Federal Minister of Finance, Dr Abdirahman Beyle, has turned the department into his clan enclave with 80-90% of the ministry staff drawn on nepotism. Taking advantage of corrupt nature of his former bosses and Somali politicians, he is reported to have amassed huge personal fortune, while perfecting the art of theft and looting of public wealth, by creating special accounts for him and his bosses for plunder of public funds, which had never been accounted for in the government budget. Beyle is reported to have built skyscrapers in Hargeisa, using looted public funds.

Beyle’s corrupt adventures and nepotism have no limits to the extent that he even tried to insert his clan members in international financial institutions like Africa Development Bank, on behalf of Somalia, to forget the hundreds of thousands of dollars he gifted to a fellow clan member as the later was appointed Somali Ambassador to Canada, a man named Dhimbil and a former minister of the secessionist Somaliland. Once secured these large sums of money, Mr Dhimbil had trafficked a dozen of his kids from two marriages to Ottawa in Canada. With nowhere to accommodate such huge number of family members, he had to seek large property to rent. The situation had attracted the attention of the Canadian authorities to warrant an investigation into the matter. Diplomatic reports said that his diplomatic immunity has now been suspended, pending to the installation of a new Somali government.

This scandal unnoticed by Somali government had ended up in Ambassador’s family seeking asylum in Canada, with the host government sending a diplomat note of protest to the Somali government complaining about lack of operating funds for Somalia’s mission. The Ambassador was reported shamelessly begging for handouts from the Canadian Somali community there.

Somali Federal Parliament and some legal authorities have been recently looking into the matter of Dr Beyle’s mal-administration and mismanagement of Finance Department’s funds. Whether they have legal strengths to have him accountable is yet to be seen.

For laughter, watch the video below:

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