The wedding ceremony for Ms Suban Hussein Khalif Haji Jama Attosh and Mr Qalib Barud, hailing from Majertaine and Dhulbahante respectively was held in Beerta Barako at 22 Km off Garowe City yesterday afternoon. Eminent traditional leaders from both Harti subclans were present to give their blessings to this important traditional event. A dozen of Puntland Cabinet ministers were invited, among many prominent personalities in the crowd. Someone was wondering why Puntland President wasn’t there too.

This event attended by people of diverse political opinions and travelling from different regions and even from continents makes one wonder why they couldn’t put their acts together to liberate and unify Puntland regions, some of which are still occupied forcefully by Somaliland Administration in Hargeisa.

Yesterday’s spirit of union in attending this family event is a clear demonstration that Somalis care more about their family relations in inter-clan marriages than defending their own territories and securing their freedoms. Generally, this could be true for Somali clans, who raise livestock and inhabit in semi-desert, keen to forge ties with other clans because of scarcity of water and grazing areas for their herds, just in case these relationships would bring benefits when desperately needed.

Certainly, yesterday’s wedding ceremony for Suban and Qalib was well attended.


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