Puntland President, Said Abdullahi Deni, has declared his candidacy for Somali Federal Government Presidency. Mr Deni is not only a tested leader with vast experiences in both public and private sectors, but he has also held important government portofolios at national and state levels. He is well versed with Somali issues and governance. During his stint as the President of Puntland State, he confidently faced and resolved a number of crisises, which would had challenged any other leader. He has been exposed to and interacted with the members of the international community and knows how Somali International Partners operate.

President Deni would handle better:

  1. Completion of the Federal Constitution.
  2. Improvement and development of federalism in Somalia.
  3. Better relationships with Somali neighbors.
  4. Fight against crafty and corruption.
  5. Balanced National Security Architecture.

Members of the Union of Presidential Candidates, who have genuine desire for political change in Somalia, should rally behind President Deni- he has a better shot at Villa Somalia.

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