For laughter


“President Idi Amin once wanted to change the name of Uganda to “Idi”.

Except for one man, Maliyamungu, everybody else who was close to him feared to challenge that decision!

Maliyamungu said to him, “Your Excellency Sir, have you heard of a country called ‘Cyprus’?”

With a surprised look, Amin asked, “What has Cyprus got to do with my decision to change our country’s name to ‘Idi’?”

Maliyamungu said, “Well, the people of Cyprus are called Cypriots. If you change Uganda to ‘Idi’, all of us, including you, will be called ‘Idiots’! So, please, let’s maintain our current name!”

Idi Amin said, “Aaah…! Maliyamungu! You are very intelligent! In fact, more intelligent than everyone in Uganda except me! Let’s leave it!”

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