In response to a reader:

This kind of journalism could happen neither in developing countries nor in totalitarian regimes of Russia and China

WDM subscribes to that school of journalism, but doesn’t conduct interviews. It issues articles of critical nature, analysis of socio-economic issues and current affairs rare in 3rd World countries. It is close to a miracle that it operates in Somalia. Suffice to read its bold articles at, or have a look at books “Talking Truth to Power in an undemocratic and Tribal Context” at

Happy Puntland Day! August 1st.

Ismail Warsame, Opinion Columnist.

One thought on “FREEDOM OF THE PRESS

  1. Free and fair press doesn’t come cheap in developing countries. It entails extra ordinary value system of editorial policies threatening corrupt politics of 2nd rate leaders in those countries. There is a constant threat of detention and abuse of civic and personal rights of editors and writers. It is a daring venture for those who want to know the danger inheritant in engaging free press. It isn’t a job for the faint-hearted.


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