We are on the eve of self-destruction through ingenuity and technological advance. No person, country or nation is safe anymore – it started with the splitting of atoms to produce nuclear warheads designed to erase human race from the earth many times over in a matter of minutes. Human capacity to do harm didn’t stop there. Enter the era of Internet and cyberwars. This invention makes the possibility and potential of a nuclear war even more impulsive than the use of a spear in yesterday’s world. Nowdays you don’t need a nuke strike to shut down a country or entire continent in a matter of nanoseconds. With biological weapon similar or deadlier than COVID-19, you could wipeout human race from the globe within a matter of a few weeks. How would you describe the invention and potential use of the above trifecta of holocaust tools differently from the Eve of Doom’s Day?

There is total elimination of personal privacy and potential for inflicting harm to anybody with internet connection or travels by public transportation like airlines and trains, as everybody is under constant remote surveillance. Your electronic devices are spying on your every move, even recording the sound of your steps, breathing, conversations, transmitting your pictures continuously with no need for your permission. Switching off your devices doesn’t help either as almost all of them operate under safe mode in the same way your subconscious mind can’t turn off.

Whether you feel and aware
of, or not, our world is finally coming to the end of the road.

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