People of Somalia came back from the brink of abyss involving potential re-ignition of flames of civil strive and civil war. Luckily, they are winners with the successful conclusion of this Summit at Mogadishu Aviation Hangar (Avizione) today.
The system of federalism resisting the return to dictatorship and restoration of city-state in Somalia is a winner too. For the consolidation of the modest gains of federalism, it is a turning point of no return. No Somali leader would ever attempt to unravel decentralization of Somali central governance.

Puntland state of Somalia led the way to restrain Farmajo’s coup attempt to overthrow the federal institutions. President Deni of Puntland is a therefore a winner today, while President Madobe of Jubaland got a much needed relief from Farmajo’s military and political pressure with regards to Gedo issue.

The Speaker of the Upper Chamber of the Federal Parliament, Abdi Hashi, came from the cold and political isolation imposed on him by Farmajo’s attempt to marginalize representatives of the Federal Member States.

Representatives of international community and foreign missions accredited to Somalia got a break from the pressure of the Somalia’s electoral impasse. They can now justify the expenditures from their tax-payers’ money spent on resolving Somalia’s political quagmire, and sustaining the fledgling Federal Government of Somalia.

The Team of Farmajo, presidents Qoor Qoor of Galmudugh, Guudlaawe of Hirshabelle and Laftagreen of Southwest are losers, with Farmajo and Qoor Qoor losing all credibilities as politicians in the eyes of the Somali general public and international community.

Now that the electoral impasse has been resolved, the hard work of holding peaceful, free and fair elections is about to begin.

At the conclusion of Somali leader’s Summit at Mogadishu Aviation Hangar today

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