Among other positive outcome, we expect:

  1. A signing ceremony on the previous agreements and understanding reached on the electoral impasse.
  2. An official declaration and commitment to transparent conduct of free and fair elections in Somalia now and in the future. Attempts to extend mandates and any pretext to delay elections must be eliminated for good, based on lessons learned from Farmajo’s recent constitutional/security attempt at coup d’etat.
  3. Adherence to system of laws, monitoring violations and abuse of power by authorities with FGS and FMSs.
  4. Emphasis on the rescinding by Federal Parliament on the unconstitutional extension of mandates in April, 12, 2021.
  5. Prevention of any interference by Villa Somalia in the conduct of elections.
  6. The election must be run by an independent electoral commission agreed upon by all political stakeholders, including the opposition.
  7. Leaders of FMSs must be also prevented interfering in elections taking place in their respective states. Allow the will of voters to flourish and decide the future and destiny of this country. Let Somalia move forward. Let us be a nation-state and keep our place among world community. No other option. This is not only a national interest, but verily an existential necessity.
  8. Finally, we expect this summit to proceed in an atmosphere of peace and calm with responsible cold heads without resorting to settlement of scores and political shenanigans.

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