I do recall a true story that took place in Gara’ad during General Cadde mandate of Puntland, when in the height of severe draught, a large delegation from international humanitarian organizations went to the town on fact-finding and assessment mission. In Gara’ad the mission members were fed with incredibly delicious sea-foods rarely available in the best supplied five-star luxury hotels. These expatriates were puzzled by the fact that residents were crying for humanitarian intervention for their basic needs when abundance of these delicacies were within their reach locally and at their shores.
Ignorance and lack of basic survival skills are reasons for hunger and diseases in Somalia. They are the root-causes of poverty in Somalia. Paradoxically, it is rare, if non-existent, to see schools specializing in studies of animal husbandary, fishery, agriculture, irrigation, reforestation, protection of environment etc. It seems that dark and invisible enemies of the people of Somalia are at work to disable them for life. This is happening because of poor leadership in all walks of life and in all fields of human endeavors.