Mogadishu, June 27, 2020

Gross violation of the Clan Power Balance has just occurred in Mogadishu for the first time since the fall of Somalia’s Central Authority in 1991. A dangerous line has been crossed.

This unprecedented breach of the Federal Constitution as well, is happening under the watch of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo.

It was General Mohamed Siyad Barre of the same sub-clan of Marehan, who overthrew the democratically elected government of Somalia in 1969. Barre’s Military Government had led Somalia’s ruin and state failure.

To rebuild from the ashes of the Civil War, Somalia’s faction leaders had agreed upon an equalizing clan power-sharing formula of 4.5 (four big clans and minorities in Somalia), and in order to protect minority rights until one-person-one-vote is conducted.

The insertion of additional 13 New Senators from Banadir clans into Somalia’s Upper House is a crude violation of the Federal Constitution and accords reached by Somalis to end the Civil War.

By this Act, Mogadishu declares itself a tribal enclave and clan fox-hole, not fit to be a Capital City of Somalia and the Seat of the Federal Government.

To salvage the Federal Institutions and Federal Government from irreversible collapse, the Federal Member States must immediately recall their representatives from Mogadishu for urgent consultations.



During the course of the Somali National Peace and Reconciliation Conference 2002-2004, famously known as the “Mbagati Congerence”, from which the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia had emerged, Hawiye Warlords demanded extra delegates to the Conference in disregard of 4.5 Clan Formula. This demand was fully rejected then by the rest of Somali clans and representatives of the International Community. These warlords were Osman Ali Atto, Mohamed Qanyare Afrah, Sudi Yalaxow, Omar Finish, among others. This violation under President Farmaajo Government should also be immediately rejected.



Most Somalis seem not to evaluate what has transpired in Djibouti just a few days ago. It wasn’t a secret that the only obstacle to Somaliland recognition was how to bring Somalia to IGAD negotiation table to address Somaliland’s grievances, cessation or other arrangements that could satisfy Somaliland.

Now they did, the process of re-negotiating the Act of Union of 1960 has just started. That is the goal Somaliland has been working hard for years to achieve.

Puntland, Jubaland and other Federal Member States aren’t considered stakeholders under Farmaajo-Bihi negotiations on the auspices of IGAD/AU through the regional leaders of Ethiopia and Djibouti with the heavy lifting of USA pressure and its diplomatic arms twisting. Here only Mogadishu and Hargeisa decides on what secession, federation or confederation would look like as a final product.

These negotiations, excluding Federal Member States, are already happening with full participations of IGAD/AU through Ethiopia and Djibouti as well as Representatives of the UN, EU and League of Arab States.



Dead men neither talk nor defend themselves. So is the Late President of Somalia to respond to the contents of the article.
To set the record straight, President Abdullahi Yusuf had sour political and diplomatic relations with the leaders of Ethiopia, especially with Foreign Minister, Ato Seyoum Mesfin, since 2000-2008.There were a number of issues they didn’t see eye to eye, among them, Arta Somali National Conference of 2000 in Djibouti and Puntland destabilization instigated by Ismail Omar Guelph and Abdulqassim Government. Minister Mesfin wasn’t then happy with the election of TFG President, Abdullahi Yusuf. Mesfin utilized his policy disagreements with Late Yusuf to turn the rest of Ethiopian leadership against President Abdullahi Yusuf.
Despite animosity between the two men, proponents of Ethiopian Foreign policy on Somalia believed that a leader hailing from Darood clan couldn’t do much in the way of pacifying Hawiye sub-clan system in Mogadishu. Recall CRDP DIGEST Article on Hassan Sheikh Mohamud re-election campaign with full Ethiopian support. They were very disappointed to see President Farmaajo elected overwhelmingly in Mogadishu.
Ethiopian subversion against Abdullahi Yusuf had reached a point of no return. They had mobilized IGAD, which is iself synonimous to Ethiopian foreign policy arm, soliciting for support of USA and European Union in isolating and finally compelling Abdullahi Yusuf to resign. Abdullahi Yusuf decided to resign honorably instead, on his own terms.
The author of the article, Mr. President: End the Wild Goose Chase Abdirashid Hashi, published in Puntlandi.com, should be tempted to explain the behaviors of and activities by Ethiopian military and diplomatic officers in Mogadishu to undermine the President and TFG that led finally to the expulsion of Ethiopian Ambassador, Ato Shawal, and Col. Gabre from Mogadishu then by Abdullahi Yusuf. These Ethiopian personnel of the occupation forces in Mogadishu weren’t only corrupt, but also they cut a devil’s deal with all elements of Mogadishu destabilization, including anti-Government merchants and sympathizers of Al-Shabab. That Ethiopian policy ended up making divisions withing TFG leadership, TFP, Prime Minister Nur Cadde and Deputy-Prime Minister Ahmed Abdisalam.
European Union diplomats with the help of Ethiopian influence turned around USA diplomats in convincing talking to the so-called “Islamist Moderates” of the Union of Islamic Courts against its “hardliners”. Enter Sheikh Sharif.
Like Ethiopia, the USA Government and its diplomatic Corp never understood Somalia beyond hearing Somalia had territorial disputes with its neighborhood. If history was of any guide, USA would prefer the policy option of Somalia swallowed by Ethiopia as its hegemon client state in the Horn of Africa.This Ethiopian foreign policy failure and humiliating military defeat in the hands of Al-Shabab militants led to the removal of the entire Ethiopian Policy Team and Military Command on Somalia. Foreign Minister Mesfin, the 2nd in Command of TPLF after Melez Zenawi, and his advisor, Dr. Tekade Allemu, were posted as Ethiopian Ambassadors to China and UN Representative respectively. The remnants of the occupation forces were compelled to retreat from Somalia. They were withrown not because of their own wishes, but because of the military reversals they suffered in Mogadishu.Current Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abyi Ahmed, was a member of that territorial expanist regime, in-charge of Ethiopian security sector.Read Hashi’s Article here. https://www.puntlandi.com/?p=21405


How to Approach Somaliland issue

The first step is to define clans Somaliland Administration represents; which clan wants to secede or not secede from Somalia.To do that, prominent members of the clan system whom Somaliland Administration allegedly represents must be consulted in open and public manners in the presence of credible international observers. Hargeisa Administration shouldn’t be  allowed to dictate the terms of this process as observers monitor people’s wishes for their future destiny.

The 2nd step is to define who are the stakeholders of Northwest Somalia issue (Somalilamd), for instance, the Federal Government of Somalia, clans of Dhulbahante, Warsengeli, Isaxaaq, Gadabuursey, Issa, and Puntland State, among others.

Thirdly, a nationwide national referendum must be included in any talks with current Hargeisa Administration, to review the Act of Union of 1960.

 Fourthly, all international actors, including Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, USA, UAE, others, must cease and desist promoting “Somaliland” issue, otherwise they would be treated as “meddlers in the domestic affairs of Somalia. 

It is important to note here that successive Somalia’a Administrations had mismanaged “Somaliland” issue.








First of all, nobody in his right mind seeks charity directly from a bank.

Secondly, if you were ill-advised to write such an odd request, you should have noted the relief assistance already given by the Somali Federal Government in an attempt to persuade the Bank Management that the FGS is in support of such humanitarian aid, and copying to the Federal President for this strange correspondence to the Bank.


Postscript. One reader comments on the article this way:

“Ooh poor man!! he was not informed that his predecessor had given the go ahead that all grants from the International Financial Institutions would be received through the FGS. If you read the second last paragraph, he was reminded of the right gate of entry”